Summer in the city: street chess

Chicago street chess players on Michigan Ave. (photo by Sheila Scarborough)I’m not a chess player but I am rather a city kid, and I love seeing the intellectual challenge of chess combined with urban street swagger and diversity.

The two guys in my photo were studying the board very intently, oblivious to Chicago‘s busy Michigan Avenue right behind them or the lovely Art Institute of Chicago directly in front of them.

I’m sure money changed hands, but I missed the moment.

Washington Square Park in New York City is another urban chess hot spot, as is Market Street in San Francisco….although one aficionado says it should be named after him since he dominates local players….:)

It looks like there’s street chess action this summer in Bath, England as well.

You can also play with giant chess pieces (although your brain won’t necessarily expand to scale) and you can “fight to promote your inner pawn” on the Goddess Chess blog.

Do any PT blog readers have their own favorite places to play?

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