You can now follow the entire Perceptive Travel team on Twitter!

I’ve been called a marginal techno-phobe, but those who know me know my aversion to social networking comes more from an aversion to socializing than to technology. That’s why it took me a while to get on Facebook (and how I’ve regretted it at times!) and LinkedIn, and missed MySpace entirely.

But honestly? What better way to share immediate insights and passing thoughts about destinations and travel issues? Sometimes it’s better than my pile of mangled index cards that sometimes get accidentally tossed in foreign gutters.

I finally got my butt in gear and added myself to the legions of hyperactive Tweeters on Twitter, which means the whole Perceptive Travel team is now on board!

You can now follow me — @amalchik — along with editor Tim Leffel (@TimLeffel), Liz Lewis (@kiwiwriter), and Sheila Scarborough (@SheilaS) for tidbitty insights to our travel-obsessed world.

If you like what we write here, and the information we bring, don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS feed, too!

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