New Zealand’s South Island Has It’s Own Lonely Planet Guidebook

lonely-planet_new-zealand_south-islandIf you ask me, it’s about time that the South Island got it’s own Lonely Planet guide. For far too long, it has been classified almost as a ‘tag-on’ destination to the North Island of New Zealand.

But with more and more travellers now starting their Kiwi adventure in the South Island it only seems right that it has it’s own dedicated guidebook. And Lonely Planet has done it proud. 

As well as covering all the relevant and useful information about New Zealand’s history, culture, indigenous people, and the environment, this compact guide offers detailed knowledge of all things worth checking out on New Zealand’s largest island. From walking in the fiords and climbing the glaciers to wine tasting and whale watching,  from bungy jumping to bone carving and skiing, there’s something for everyone here in the South Island.

The book’s  400 plus pages covers pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about the South Island of New Zealand. The main cities of Christchurch, Dunedin, and Queensland are highlighted with mapped walking tours, itineraries, and information on shopping, eating, drinking, and sleeping. However, the book mostly covers the great outdoors and provides all a traveller needs to know about how and where to have a unique Kiwi experience.

Before you get to the ‘everything you want to know about the South Island’ section of the book, though, you have to wade through 32 pages of information on the capital city of Wellington. Given that Wellington is in the North Island, this seems a little strange. But according to Lonely Planet, Wellington was included because it‘s seen as a travel hub, a place where many overseas visitors first arrive in New Zealand.

Anyone considering a visit to the ‘mainland’  (as South Islander’s call their part of New Zealand)  needs to read the Lonely Planet New Zealand’s South Island guidebook.   It will definitely lead you in the right direction. Having spent the last couple of weeks reading it, now all I want to do is pack the bags, hit the road, and have a real South Island Kiwi experience.

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