Weekly Green Travel News Roundup

The Baltimore Sun reports on Staying Green in Baltimore.

Hotels Mag looks at new systems and programs some hotels are implementing in an effort to give back to the community and save money at the same time. 

Discover San Francisco’s greenest buildings with as decided by the American Institute of Architects.

Looking for new luggage? Then check out the Vagabond Collection of Eco-Fabulous Garment Bags, Shoe Bags and Pouches by Jendarling.

Find out why Mother Nature Network choose  Hawaii as their green destination of the week.

The New York Times tells us how to travel around Europe on two wheels .

USA Today reports on solar powered airports.

TerraCurve writes that a New 100% ‘Off-Grid’ eco resort coming to California from Ramona Indians.

Peter Greenburg lists 10 Useful New Green Travel Gadgets.

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