The May Edition of Perceptive Travel Magazine

The May edition of Perceptive Travel has just been published, so you might want to grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and check out the travel stories on offer this month.

Regular contributor Amy Rosen takes us on a trip along the frozen coast of Norway in her article A Technicolor Dream Cruise. I’m not much of a fan of ice, snow, or cold weather but Amy really got me convinced that this would be a great place to explore. Of course, I’d have to take lots of layers, otherwise I’d probably be too cold to enjoy it.

Then it’s off to Italian Alps and a spot of cow fighting with Donald Strachen’s article Where the Queens Come to Fight. Hard to imagine, but it seems that fighting cows is a offbeat sporting passion in the Valle d’Aosta region.  Happily, it’s not a fight to the death.

Beebe Bahram, in The Goddess Still Lives Here takes us to Northwestern Spain to visit places where there are still vestiges of it’s matriarchal past.

And finally, we head over to British Columbia with Pam Mandel (of Nerd’s Eye View fame) to examine Salmon and Red Cedar in the form of fish and totem poles.

Plus there’s the always interesting  book and music reviews to check out.

Happy reading…

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