Travel Superlatives: Cathedral Caverns Alabama


Like many great caverns you can visit in the U.S., the Cathedral Caverns complex is a bit off the beaten path, but is worth the drive.  The site is in a big state park about 30 miles from Huntsville, not too far from the famous Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro.

So what are the superlative claims to fame in this cavern system?

1) The “Goliath” stalagmite column is supposedly the world’s largest such column inside a commercial cave, standing 45 feet tall and 243 feet around. It’s older than dirt.

2) Cathedral Caverns supposedly has the largest entrance to any cavern system, at 126 feet wide and 25 feet high. (See photo above)

3) It has the largest “flow stone wall” known to exist in any caverns.

On top of all that, and some really impressive formations, they’ve found shark’s teeth inside. How cool is that? You can see one of them stuck in the ceiling when you go on the tour.

It only costs $10 for an adult ticket and $5 for a child’s ticket, which is half what you’ll pay at many commercial cavern sites, including Luray Caverns in Virginia (Where I paid $42 for two adults—ouch).

You get your money’s worth too: the tour is an hour and half, running 1.5 miles underground. See more at the park service’s Cathedral Caverns site.

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