What’s in April’s Perceptive Travel Magazine?

The latest edition of Perceptive Travel Magazine is now on line and as usual has a great line up of articles to read.

Editor Tim Leffel writes about being Unbalanced in the Sinking City. What sinking city, you ask? That would be Mexico City, built on muddy marshlands, surrounded by volcanoes, and standing along an earthquake fault line. Tim explores the city, examining the crooked lines of the buildings.

Two new contributors add color to this edition of Perceptive Travel.

There’s  Maliha Masood who ventures into the Khyber Pass to observe weapons bazzars, smuggling routes, and endemic corruption first hand in Breaking Frontiers

And the other contributer,  Steve McNutt,   writes about getting Lost in the Mangroves of Belize during what was meant to be a simple day fishing for  Barracuda.

Plus don’t forget to check out this month’s world music reviews  that looks at the new Putumayo collections from India and the world of Salsa, Indian club music from Midival Punditz, and the latest from Mexican-American singer Lila Downs.

Perceptive Travel Magazine – it really is does provide us armchair travelers with a great read.

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