Twitchhiker travels the world with the help of twitter friends.

If you can’t travel due to work commitments or lack of time or money, the next best thing is to follow someone else’s travels. Used to be that was only possible by reading books or magazine articles about trips that had occurred in the past. But these days, thanks to the internet and social media networks, it’s possible to read about real time trips such as the one being undertaken by Paul Smith, aka  ‘twitchhiker’.

In fact, it was Paul’s fascination with social media networks, and in particular twitter,  that resulted in him being on the road at the moment.  A freelance writer, Paul started wondering whether it was possible to travel around the world in 30 days relying solely on the generosity, goodwill, and assistance of  fellow tweeters around the world. So he’s set himself a goal of reaching Campbell Island of the coast of New Zealand by end of March and it’s starting to look like he might make it.

He left England on the 1st of March and has been travelling ever since, first across the channel to Europe by ferry boat and then on to North America by plane (through the generosity of a fellow twitter’s air miles). Along the way, Paul has been in contact and meet up with numerous tweets who have provided lodging and transportation.

Right now,  he’s in Austin, Texas which, as many of you know,  is hometown to Perceptive Travel blogger Sheila. Wonder if she will have a chance to meet up with him?

So if you’re looking for travel inspiration, adventure, and entertainment, head on over to the Twitchhiker blog and find out where Paul is today. Better still, find the beginning of the blog and travel the whole journey. It won’t take you long to catch up.

And of course, you can also find Paul over at twitter.  Stop in and say hi. Who knows, you might even be able to help him out.

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