Weekly Green Travel News: Cruise ships, Kyoto, Galapagos Islands, and more…

Everyone seems to focus on airplanes when it comes tourism and carbon emissions, but Climate Care, a United Kingdom-based carbon-offsetting company, says cruise ships are emiiting almost twice the amount of carbon dioxide as airplanes. Find out why and what should be done about it in this NYT’s article Cruise Lines Urged to Shrink Their Footprints.

Kyoto,the ancient capital of Japan, is taking a slow road towards eco-tourism.

There’s a new Satnav gadget out that uses GPS to supply fuel-saving driving advice. Called Econav, it not only guides you from point A to point B, but will tell you off, through visual and audio warnings, when your foot’s too heavy on the accelerator and brake pedals.

Meanwhile, Sir David Attenborough explains why the Galapagos Islands need tourism to survive.

The European Union is setting up an Airline Carbon Credit Scheme.

Those with iPhones might be interested in these Top 10 Green iPhone Apps.

Find out about how you can Bid Your Way to an ecoDestination.

This week’s green cities include Warsaw, Cardiff, and Bangkok.

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