Peterman’s Eye Travel Photo Contest

Thanks to reader Tina for pointing us to the Peterman’s Eye travel photo contest. With a first-place prize of $2000, an entry might permit someone like me to afford one of the gorgeous skirts I drool over every time the J. Peterman catalog hits my mailbox.

The Travel section of Peterman’s Eye (which bills itself as “a community of curious minds”) is actually a fun place to spend a little time. With a softened, old-world website design and J. Peterman’s distinctive old-world voice, the site provides a little breathing space from the hectic pace of “10 best Whatevers” of newspaper travel sections. A bit like our own fantastic Perceptive Travel magazine. A place where travel lovers and readers have more time to ponder.

As much as I enjoy websites like this, however, as always, if you’re entering any contest with your own written or photographic material, read the terms and conditions carefully: “By posting or submitting content on or to the website (regardless of the form or medium), you are giving Peterman’s Eye Publishing, and its affiliates, agents and third party contractors a nonexclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, sub licensable, royalty-free license to use, store, display, publish, transmit, transfer, distribute, reproduce, rearrange, edit, modify …”

You get the idea. You lose all rights to your work once it’s posted on the site. I’m not judging these terms one way or another (unusual, I know, not to have a highly prejudiced opinion, but I still am unsure whether opportunities like this are a way for nascent travel writers and photographers to get a foot in the door — instinct says no, but common sense says maybe). You should just always be aware of what you’re signing up for. And hey, if you win, two thousand bucks isn’t a bad price for a good photo.

Deadline for the contest is 12th March 2009.

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