Weekly Green Travel News: Green Rental Cars, Detroit, Chicago, and more…

Update: many of the links are now broken – as of July 2015 – and we couldn’t find them again, so if something looks like it should be linked but isn’t, that is why.
Rental car companies are starting to add more hybrid cars to their fleets. Latest numbers indicate that Enterprise currently has 7,000 nationwide, with Alamo and National at 2,000 between them.

Planet Green suggests 9 Questions You Must Ask Before Booking a “Green” Hotel.

Travelwhere, a map based web travel directory and portal, is offering tour operators and their customers a green online brochure distribution service featuring page-turning e-brochures.

RezHub’s Green Travel Hub lists 10 Top Green Hotels in Washington, DC

Inhabitat reports that Monterey Bay Shores Set to be Greenest Ecoresort in the World.

There’s a new ‘green’ 62-room boutique luxury inn and spa opening in Napa Valley.

terracurve writes about travelocity and expedia new ‘green travel’ booking tools in Being skeptical: The big online players step up to green travel, sort of…

This week’s green city guides: Detriot and Chicago.

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