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Have you heard the news? Perceptive Travel Magazine is now produced monthly. This is great news for those of us who love to read interesting travel stories from award winning writers.  Remember, these are not just ordinary run of the mill travel stories about what to see and where to do. Stories published in Perceptive Travel go behind the hype and commericalizm and focus on adventures and experiences that most of us can only dream of.

Take, for example, the three stories that were featured in the latest edition of Perceptive Travel.

Joel Carillet immerses us in the spirituality of the Sikh’s Golden Temple in Amritsar but finds that modern society gets in the way with his article Into the Heart of India’s Punjab.

Michael Buckley looks at the mysterious publishing career of T. Lobsang Rampa in Tibet, a Third Eye, and Our Journeys Through Time.

Graham Reid writes about Uluru from a Different Perspective and decides that all you need to find some private serenity at Australia’s most popular tourist attraction is some space and perspective.

And as usual, the music review by Tim Leffel offers an eclectic selection, ranging from throat singing masters from Tuva to African Reggae, a new album from Portugal’s star singer Mariza, and an introduction to Lal Meri, the newest contender in the world electronica space.

Happy Reading…

And just in case you’ve missed an issue or two, check out the Perceptive Travel archives for more great travel stories from around the world.

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