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Where to stay in eco-friendly Portland, Oregon is simplified with this travelmuse article on Portland’s Many Eco Hotels. Portland, by the way, will be hosting the 2009 Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference, an annual bi-national conference that focuses on greening the tourism industry in the U.S. and Canada, between November 1 – 3, 2009.

Further north, the Seattle-Tacoma Airport Gets OK for Green Air Project. It’s going to cost around $33 million but will apparently save the airport at least $400,000 a year with an annual reduction of emissions of over 69,000 metric tons.

Travelocity has launched a eco-friendly directory that aims to help travelers determine what’s green and what’s “green-washed.”

Travel bloggers and writers should check out The Untold Travel Story, A travel writer’s guide to Sustainable Tourism and Destination Stewardship that’s been put together by National Geographic. It’s full of useful tips and ways to determine how green a place, attraction, hotel, etc really is.

National Geographic’s Center of Sustainable Destinations also have useful Geotourism MapGuides to a number of places and they are currently working on create a MapGuide to capturing the spectacular beauty and abundant recreational opportunities of the Central Cascades of Oregon and Washington. If you know somewhere in the Central Cascades that deserves to be included, you can put in a nomination here.

This week’s Green City Guides…

Planet Green has a green city guide to Paris, Jamble Magazine offers a green city guide to London, and Traveler’s Notebook as the Green Guide to Mexico City.

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