Video: China’s Tsingtao Brewery

While in Shanghai for part of the China 2.0 blogger/tech tour, I had dinner at an Uighur restaurant with Steven Weathers and some other locals – a “tweet-up” of Twitter folks.

Steven is based in Shanghai, teaches at a university there and also does some acting work.  Part of his English language outreach is his Foreigner Perspective series of videos on YouTube, where he highlights attractions in China as a way to help his students and others learn English and also see China through an expat’s eyes.

Here is his video on the Tsingtao Brewery in seaside Qingdao, China. The “Drunken Simulation House” is a highlight!

For our RSS readers and anyone who can’t see the video box, here is the direct link to his Tsingtao video on YouTube.

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