Weekly Green Travel News: Green Inauguration, Trains, Solar Backpacks, and more…

Think trains are the greener way to travel? Then have a read of this essay at The Good Human. Written as an An Open Letter To Amtrak About Their Environmental Policies, the author points out that Amtrak is seriously lacking in any on-board greening.

It’s being billed as the greenest inauguration yet. How green? Well, Treehugger’s listed Five Ways Obama’s Inauguration Festivities Will Be Green which include, believe it or not, recycling the horse manure. Planet Green offers some tips on how to go green for those making the trip. My green tip – stay home, watch it on television with family and friends.

the daily green reports that on 3,125 Square Miles of New Parks, Trails, Scenic Rivers and Wilderness soon to be classified as protected land.

China has declared 2009 the year of eco-tourism. They even have slogan ‘”Be a green traveler and experience eco-civilization”. (video). It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

Christopher Elliot points out that the best environmentally responsible companies are usually those who are consistently, and quietly, green in this msnbc article Maybe it is easy to be green and provides some great tips on how to travel in what he calls the post-green world.

techweb tv visited the recent Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas and created this video looking at Voltaic’s solar backpacks and shoulder bags – sounds like something that all geeky green travelers (ie me) should have.

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