Carnival of Cities for 14 January 2009

Carnival of Cities

Update: many of the links are now broken – as of July 2015 – and we couldn’t find them again, so if something looks like it should be linked but isn’t, that is why.

Welcome to this edition of the Carnival of Cities.

This is a blog carnival, where one blog publishes contributions from other blogs. In this one, we explore any aspect of a single city, anywhere in the world.

Last week was hosted by the UpTake Attractions blog, and next week we’re back at our “home” blog, the Family Travel Logue on BootsnAll.

If you’d like to host the Carnival on an upcoming Wednesday, please contact me at sheila “at” sheilascarborough “dot” com. Thanks!

Off we go….

Cities in the Americas

Orlando, Florida, USA   MB presents The Cathedral Church of St. Luke posted at Florida Everyone Forgot, saying, “I came across this ornately decorated cathedral while walking around Downtown Orlando a few months ago. It’s amazing that after visiting the city for years, I never saw this amazing building.”

Mexico City, Mexico   Catherine Bardrick presents Chilling out Chilango-style in Chapultepec Park posted at Small Fish in the Big Taco, saying, “Many think of Mexico City as a polluted crime-ridden,traffic-choked kind of place, but I am interested in showing very different aspects of the city. Look at what a highly liveable place it is full of leisure and relaxed chilling-out…and check out those colours which are a constant source of wonder and delight…”

Nashville, Tennessee   Barbara presents Your Bliss. Your Blog. Your Conference. posted at Capitol B, saying, “Nashville to host BlissDom ’09 – women’s blogger conference!”

San Francisco, California, USA   Kathryn presents San Francisco and “That One Time When” posted at San Francisco is Sexy, saying, “A post about how it’s easy to find creative opportunities and experience in San Francisco and why it is valuable to do exactly that.”

Chicago, Illinois, USA   Byteful Travel presents Is Navy Pier a glorified shopping mall? posted at Byteful Blog, saying, “The city of Chicago is full of wonders and gems for the curious traveller to discover, many of them available free of charge. After briefly visiting Wrigley Field, I explored the famous Navy Pier, which reminded me more of a small city than a pier. (Tons of high resolution photos included.)”

Detroit, Michigan, USA   Dominique King presents Motown magic comes out of the shadows one summer night posted at Midwest Guest, saying, “Motown celebrates its 50th anniversary this week, and I remember a magical musical evening with the label’s legendary Funk Brothers.”

Newport Beach, California, USA   Joanne presents Newport Beach Vacation – At Sea posted at Newport Beach Vacation.

Washington, DC, USA   Barbara presents Buddha Bar Bringing Some Zen To DC « Capitol B posted at Capitol B.

Cities in Europe

Tautavel (Aude,) France   candy presents Traveling Through Aude: Discovering Our Pre-History posted at Carrie and Danielle.

Alicante, Spain   Andrew Edgington presents A Day Trip to Alicante posted at Spain Golf Villa Rental Alicante, saying, “Check out what Alicante has to offer and all the things you can see and do in just one day.”

Cities in Australia/New Zealand

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand   Andy Hayes presents Best Place to see the stars posted at Sharing Experiences, saying, “This is such a wonderful and special place, so I hope you’ll include it. Thanks, Andy.”

That concludes this edition.  Submit your (one, non-spammy) blog post about any ONE, UNO, SINGLE city to the next edition of the Carnival of Cities using our carnival submission form.

Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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