Weekly Green Travel News Roundup.

First Air New Zealand gave it a try. And now, hot on their heels, Continential Airlines is testing the feasibility of using sustainable biofuel to power commerical airliners with a North American Jatropha-Fueled Test Flight. Wonder who’s next?

Have you heard? The Grand Canyon’s South Rim Visitors Center is going solar with some 84 solar panels that are expected to offset at least 30% of the power used at the center.

Check out Jamble Magazine’s Singapore Green Guide. And Planet Green has the Green City Guide to Milan.

Skip the car and start walking with this list of Top 5 Strolling Neighborhoods of San Francisco.

Discover these new green cafes around the country.

GPS will soon go green with Audi and Nissan GPS systems that will allow you to choose the most efficient and therefore, least polluting routes from A to Z.

Shanghei’s URBN Hotels claims to be carbon neutral. Seems only right given that it’s located in a country with the world’s highest levels of carbon emissions.

Did you know that some cities in the States are offering parking privileges to hybrid drivers?

Planning a skiing holiday? Then have a look at this list first of The 10 Best and Worst Ski Destinations for the Eco-Conscious Skier.

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