Still Time to Support the Passports with Purpose Fundraising Raffle.

Check this out. The Passports with Purpose travelbloggers fundraising raffle the Heifer Foundation) has raised over $3,000 so far.

Just in case you haven’t already bought a ticket or two, there is still 15 days to go.

You can find the full list of prizes (including 3 Nights at the Wyland Waikiki in Hawaii) and how to purchase the raffle tickets at the Passports with Purpose headquarters

Here’s a tip – your odds are greatly increased if you buy a raffle for one of the following prizes. Seems these are the ones that haven’t yet had any ticket sales, which means the chances of winning are greatly increased for whoever does buy one or two tickets.

Remember, you have to specify which prize you are after when buying a ticket which is why all the prizes have a unique number in front of them. Tickets can be purchased here.

  • C03 Merino Woll Long Underwear from Jones Wear ($120) from Nerds Eye View
  • C06 Clothing items (one outfit) by Earth Creations from Travel With Purpose
  • C07 His and Her Shirts by ExOfficio from Wanderlust and Lipstick
  • K05 $100 Gift Certificate with Babies Travel Lite (sponsored by Babies Travel Lite), signed copy of Travels With Baby($122) from Travels With Baby
  • E04 Tour Pack from Mountainsmith ($70) from GoGreenTravel
  • B03 Five Books from Lonely Planet ($94) from Ever The Nomad
  • B04 A selection of books from Lia Hadle
  • B07 2 items: Travel with Kids: The Definitive Guide to Family Holidays Worldwide AND A Magnetic Travel Art Kit for Children ($40) from LizAndTobi
  • B08 Where to Go When: The Americas, DK Brazil, DK Peru, DK Argentina ($120) from Wandermom
  • B09 Signed copy of Sacred Places of a Lifetime ($40 plus signature value) from National Geographic
  • B12 Travel Guide Bonanza from Wandering Educators
  • B14 A Set of CDs ($102) from The Blend Magazine

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