Eccentric New Zealand: The Giant’s House of Akaroa.

Located in the small harbor town of Akaroa, just 85 kilometers outside Christchurch, New Zealand, the Giant’s House could easily be considered one of the most unusual bed and breakfast in the world.

The loud, atmospheric café music that fills the air as you puff your way up the steep driveway and even steeper stairs, gives a small clue as to what’s in store. But it doesn’t really prepare you for that first glimpse of the Giant’s House.

It is not, by any stretch of the imagination, an ordinary house. In fact, first time visitors should be warned in advance to ‘be prepared for sensory overload’.

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It wasn’t always like that. Built in the 1880’s for the local bank manager, this two storey French Style house had a rather sedate existence for many, many years. At one stage, the house had even fallen on hard times and was looking a little worse for wear.

But then artist Josie Martin arrived and gave ‘The Giant’s House’ a rather extreme makeover. With electric blue hair and matching eye shadow, Josie is a flamboyant and colourful character and the house and gardens have become a reflection of her imaginative and whimsical personality.

As a result, the grounds surrounding the house feature innovative and extravagant horticultural displays with larger than life fairytale mosaic covered sculptures at every turn. The steps, fountains, and walls, and even the grand piano on the front lawn, have been touched by the mosaic madness.

More wacky mosaic sculptures lurk inside the Giant’s House but only B&B guests get the chance to see them. 

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