Carnival of Cities for 10 December 2008

Carnival of Cities, where one blog post takes you ’round the world.Welcome to the December 10, 2008 edition of the Carnival of Cities, and to the Perceptive Travel blog (subscribe here by RSS if you like what you see.)

We’re getting back into the normal Wednesday posting mode after several weeks of flailing with some technical issues, plus my own work overload.

The last edition was a big ‘ol honking compilation of several weeks’ worth of wonderful submissions, and it was hosted for the first time on the travel site UpTake.

For today, we return to a more manageable size….

Cities in the Americas

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA   minnemom presents Holly Trolley at Minnesota Streetcar Museum posted at Travels with Children, saying, “A fun pre-holiday activity in Minneapolis.”

Mexico City, Mexico   Gil Ortiz explains the legends of nearby Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl posted at gilocafe.

Chicago, Illinois, USA   Byteful Travel presents Have You Seen The Bean? (Chicago Cloud Gate) posted at Byteful Blog, saying, “After much searching, I finally found Chicago’s elusive, yet huge, Cloud Gate sculpture (also known as the Bean). Come along with me as I explore Chicago’s Grant Park, appreciate one of the largest fountains in the world, and run into some unexpected hornets of an uncommon kind.”

San Jose, California, USA   Mark presents Rifling Through the Mystery House (San Jose, USA) posted at Travel Wonders of the World, saying, “A story about the remarkable and bizarre home of Sarah Winchester, heiress to the rifle-maker fortune.”

Detroit, Michigan, USA   Dominique King presents Detroit’s largest art object recalls Art Deco’s gilded glory posted at Midwest Guest, saying, “One of Detroit’s Art Deco gems recently celebrated its 80th anniversary. The Fisher Building’s continuing beauty and service as a commercial center serves not only as a nod to Detroit’s past glories, but as testament to the city’s heart and continued perseverance in an admittedly challenging economic climate.”

Miami, Florida, USA   A. Lee presents Gen Art Vanguard New Contemporary Art Fair posted at, saying, “Art Happenings in Miami, Florida. This article is one of many on the topic of Art Basel Miami and its associated art fairs and museum shows. This article in particular is on the new Gen Art Vanguard ‘New Contemporary’ Artfair ~ a scene of some interesting art happenings.”

Cities in the Middle East

Dubai, United Arab Emirates   Vishal k Bharadwaj presents The Dubai Mall: Postcards From The Biggest Mall in The World posted at, saying, “The craziest 21st century city opens the biggest mall ever, and I go there and live to tell the tale (with pictures).” It’s complete with an aquarium and ice rink, by the way….

Cities in Asia

Beijing, China   Here’s my own post from the Family Travel blog, about getting those Happy Feet in Beijing. Power to the tootsies!

Bangkok, Thailand   Chris Mitchell presents Bangkok Guide: 55 Tips To Help You The First Time You Travel To Thailand posted at Travel Happy.

Bangalore, India   Anil Polat presents Sunset At Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore India posted at foXnoMad.

Cities in Europe

London, United Kingdom   Jack Norell presents Christmas events in London 2008 posted at Eyeflare – Travel Articles and Tips, saying, “During the Christmas period, London’s buzzing with different events up until the big day. Many are free, and fun for kids and adults alike.”

That concludes this edition, and thanks for visiting the Perceptive Travel blog.

Submit your (one) blog post about any aspect of a SINGLE city to the next edition of the Carnival of Cities using our carnival submission form.  Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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