“Give Dreams. Not Stuff.” Especially travel dreams.

Every year around this time I start a panicky list of holiday gift shopping. At the very bottom is the dreaded corporate gift — the little tokens my husband is meant to get for his coworkers. What do you get people you like but don’t know all that well? Generally, it’s down to some piece of kitsch for the kitchen or bathroom that nobody needs.

Last year, I put my foot down on the useless crap and made him give certificates to Kiva.org, so people who have pretty much all they need can help others in need. This year I was going to do the same thing, until a press release for DreamBank.org landed in my inbox.

DreamBank is a collaborative site similar to Kiva, but its motto is “Give Dreams. Not Stuff.” which I thought was pretty darn catchy. I don’t know whether I dislike giving or receiving stuff more (except socks; you can never have enough comfy socks), but contributing to someone’s dream packs a lot more punch and makes everyone happy.

DreamBank focuses on plenty of areas, from bicycles to honeymoons to our favorite thing, travel. There are a lot of people with travel dreams out there, and here’s a place where they can finally do something about making them happen. From an open water diving course to a missionary trip to Thailand, the travel people dream of is all over the map, factually and figuratively speaking. Much more fun to give than more flotsam that will probably end up in a Goodwill graveyard.

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