PT Travel Linkfest (China edition) for 20 Nov 2008

One morning in Beijing on the China 2.0 Tour, I grabbed a selection of newspapers as our group gathered at the gorgeous Marriott City Wall hotel, and I thought I’d share some tidbits from my haul since many PT blog readers may not have easy access to papers like the China Daily.

  • A unique complex, the Emperor’s Lodge inside Beijing’s Forbidden City, will open next year after extensive restoration.
  • The city of San Francisco is actively seeking more ties with China, especially sister city Shanghai (Mayor Gavin Newsom went to school in San Francisco’s Chinatown.)
  • China Daily journalist Hong Liang gripes about less-than-stellar Chinese convenience stores.
  • Wonderful article entitled Lost Horizon Found, about Shudu Lake and Potatso National Park in Shangri-La country (Zhongdian) plus why China needs more national parks.
  • The South China Morning Post had a very interesting article about a Dutch man, Sebastian Straten, who is pursuing his dream of a guest house business in Iran.  The link to it doesn’t have the whole article (silly! but I did find the full article in the Brunei Times.) I liked this quote:

    “His guiding principle is simple: it is better to be among the first foreigners investing in Iran’s nascent tourism industry than a latecomer in nearby Dubai, the Gulf’s commercial hub – especially during a financial crisis….Iran sees tourism as a priority and wants to invest more than US$30 billion in the sector over the next two decades, according to Iranian media.”

  • They’re building a high-tech urban planning vision for book nuts about 30 km north of Seoul, South Korea: Paju Book City. For more, see this Bloomberg article.
  • From the UK’s Financial Times, a whole section called Global Traveller that deals with how businesses are coping with travel costs. The short answer? It’s a buyer’s market, and deals abound. Global Traveller also had blurbs about Lima, Mumbai and Florence.
  • A couple of museum exhibit notes:  Tokyo’s Mori Art Museum will open Chalo! India on 22 November, and the British Museum’s blockbuster Babylon looks really impressive.

I love the different perspective you can get by skimming the available local papers; a traveler’s bliss!

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