Latest Perceptive Travel Magazine Online…

The latest edition of Perceptive Travel is online and it’s jam packed full of interesting travelogues. Here’s a sample…

In The Backpackers’ Pilgrimage Joel Carillet watches tide of backpackers show up for the annual Full Moon Party, writing ‘Haad Rin [Thailand] on a full moon is to many backpackers what Mecca is to Muslims during the Hajj.’ But this mecca has nothing to do with religion and everything, it seems, to do with gluttony, lust, and hedonism encouraged by vast amounts of alcohol. And as a result, the aftermath is usually more hungover than exhilerating.

Michael Shapiro offers A Journey Through the Land of the Maya in Guatemala, excerpts from his latest book about the country. It’s a great introduction to local festivals such and colorful people.

There’s also articles about Shangri-la, Nicaragua, and Mexico to check out.

Plus some interesting world music reviews featuring Arabic, Spanish, Mongolian, and Bombay music.

And don’t forget to check out the travel book reviews. Books reviewed include Napoleon’s Privates, Next Exit Magic Kingdom, Marco Polo Didn’t Go There, and Ultimate Adventures.

By the way, if you sign up for the Perceptive Travel newsletter, not only will you be alerted when a new issue comes out, but you can win books, music, and other prizes as well. Right now there’s a contest to win a super-secure laptop daypack from Pacsafe and a Nomad Travel Journal – perfect Christmas presents for yourself.

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