Rural architecture and a really bizarre paper … um … cone to help women pee tidily

Sometimes our readers can provide more interesting material than I can come up with on my own, especially after a night when the baby decided that sleep is for the weak and two in the morning is a ripe time for playing peek-a-boo.

The entry on advice for women’s use of the squat toilet generated a hefty pile of comments, but none more thought-provoking than this link sent by Kim from Galavanting magazine: an ad for a paper cone designed to let women pee standing up. Take a look and see if you don’t agree with Kim’s assessment as interesting, a little creepy, and possibly very useful. I suppose I’ll have to give it a shot, but … brrr, it’s just kinda weird. All I can say is take that Freud — penis envy no longer.

And in response to my post on Calvin Beale, Kathy Kassel sent a link to the rural America demographer’s incredible collection of photographs. Beale was fascinated with architecture and rural small towns, interests he combined in his photos of county courthouses all over the country.

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