From Travel Blog to Travel Book….and a movie deal.

Once upon a time….

….there were three New York girls who decided to quit their jobs, leave their families and friends, and take a year long, around the world girls getaway. Some people thought they were mad – they couldn’t understand why they would want to leave good jobs and just travel. To them, the girls had plenty of answers

Others, like me, were simply green with envy. So the girls decided to take us all along on their getaway by creating The Lost Girls travel blog which let us virtually travel alongside as they crossed five continents and nearly a dozen countries.

Returning home a year later – broke, homeless, but happy – the girls then set about getting jobs, apartments, and writing out a book proposal based on their year away.

And news just in is that they have got a book deal with Harper Collins, plus a movie deal in the works.

Just goes to show that sometimes you really do need to get lost to find your way.

Don’t you just love a success story? It gives you hope and encouragement that, given the right time, the right place, and the right idea, it can also happen for you.

You can get to know The Lost Girls better by watching the CNN Project Life video (click on gap year video) that follows the girls around Sydney near the end of their trip.

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