Sept/Oct Edition of Perceptive Travel Magazine.

The latest edition of the Perceptive Travel Magazine is online and definitely worth a visit.

Here’s some highlights….

The Days Before Travel Was Tamed, an extract of Tony Perrottet’s book Napoleon’s Privates: 2500 Years of History Unzipped, looks at what traveler’s in the so called ‘golden age’ could get up to in the ‘sin’ cities of Paris and Berlin.

Bloodvein: Redemption on the River in Manitoba by Amy Rosen is an entertaining account of caneoing along the Bloodvein River.

There’s also an article on Hiking in Iceland, the sad story of a young man who ends up Missing in Patagonia, and a collection of world music and travel book reviews.

But Perceptive Travel is not the only online travel magazine with a new edition available.

There is also the newest edition of Matador Traverse Magazine and Galavanting, a new online women’s travel magazine, to check out.

Happy weekend reading!!!

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