Following in the Footsteps of Others.

Wandering around the internet this week, I stumbled upon GOOD magazine’s Wanderlust Interactive Map that follows the trails of some of history’s greatest adventures. From Magellan’s circumnavigation to Ken Kesey and his group of Merry Pranksters crossing the United States, this interactive map incorporates maps, images, and information, turning the experience into a journey and a history lesson all in one.

I followed the Pan-Am Highway map which reminded me how much I had enjoyed Tim Cahill’s record breaking 23 day road trip from tip of South America to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, documented so entertainingly in his book Road Fever.

And then I checked out Captain Cook’s Endeavour Voyages which brought back fond memories of Tony Horwitz’s book Blue Latitudes which followed all three of Captain James Cook’s epic journeys and almost tempted me to head off to the South Pacific Islands. 

The GOOD magazine’s Wanderlust Interactive Map has twenty three journeys mapped out at present.

Here’s hoping that more will follow.

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