Hey Travelers – What Do You Buy?

What do you buy online? What ads do you click on?

Most bloggers don’t like to talk about how they hope you will notice the ads on their site and maybe buy something now and then. But really, unless they’re blogging just for fun or because they’ve got a book or business to promote, they want the site to at least generate some beer money.

I am the guy in the background switching out the ads regularly to see what works and what doesn’t so the three fine writers doing their thing here will get paid. Some ads work, most don’t. So I’m looking for your input.

You see, if you click on something here and book a flight, buy some travel gear, or lower your overseas phone bill, it doesn’t cost you any more than if you just typed the address in your browser and did it direct. But the site hosting the ad gets a little commission—generally 3 to 8 percent—of the proceeds if you do it through them/us. It’s a painless way to help the cause.

(Also, if you see something you like on one of the Google text ads at the top and you click on it, Antonio, Liz, and Sheila put a few pennies in their piggy bank, but those are auto-generated ads based on the content.)

Sooooo, at the risk of me being tacky, tell us what kinds of things would make you click through and buy from this blog in the comments below. What do you or would you spend money on?

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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