Travel Bloggers are Talking…

There’s a movement afoot.

Travel bloggers are trying to create a ‘travel blogger community’.

Sounds like a good deal to me.

The recent BlogHer conference, held in San Francisco last week, was the catayst for this movement. That’s when a number of travel bloggers got together and started talking. And one of the things they talked about, no doubt, was ‘why there wasn’t a travel blogging panel at the conference.’

Now this is a question that was raised long before this conference. But for some reason, it’s one that blogging conferences seem to be ignoring. Pam tried to get BlogHer interested a travel blogger panel this year. The panel was rejected. And remember how Sheila tried to get a travel panel up and running at SXSW last year. It didn’t happen!

But travel bloggers are starting to say no more.

Instead, we are saying…

We count.

We matter.

And we want to be heard.

So the question becomes ‘How can we be heard?’

The answer, by joining together and creating a strong and united travel blogging community.

Pam writes about this over at Nerd’s Eye View and BlogHer.

Debbie at Delicious Baby has been busy creating a list of Travel Bloggers from the contacts she made at BlogHer.

Elizabeth at Go Green Travel Green is asking the question about What do you want in an online travel blogging community?

Liz (aka me) at Write to Travel highlights the steps that are being taken to build a travel blogging community.

And best of all, Pam from Nerd’s Eye View has set up a Travelblogger forum.

So, finally, there is a place for us to go and ‘talk travel blogging’.

 A place to mix and mingle with other like minded bloggers.

A place to ask all those blogging questions that you have.

And a place to talk with others who love writing about travel as much as you do.

I’ll be there.

What about you?

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