Maps – Green and Diseased.

When getting ready to travel, most of us pull out a map to get our bearings. It’s usually a map of the world, of a continent, a country, a state, or a city and we use it to figure out where we are going, how to get there, and what to do once we are there.

But sometimes you just want more from your map than simple geography and location. 

That’s where specialized maps fit in.

For example, interested in finding out what’s green where you are going?

Then check out the Green Map System.

Created by local mapmaking teams around the world, The Green Map System provides an amazing collection of information at the click of the mouse. You can explore hundreds of green maps from over 50 countries, each of which highlights a community’s natural, cultural and sustainable resources such as recycling centers, heritage sites, community gardens, toxic waste sites and socially conscious businesses.

Or prehaps you want to find out about the location of specific diseases.

Well, now you can thanks to Healthmap.


Healthmap gathers text from the World Health Organization, Google News, and many other resources and filters it down and puts it onto a map for everyone to see. Never has disease tracking been so accessible. Healthmap displays the outbreaks on a world map, color coding the severity of the outbreak based on current and up-to-date news reporting.

Seems you can find a map about anything, if you know where to look…

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