Hong Kong budget lodging ideas from Twitter

Masks, Hong Kong Museum of History (Scarborough photo)We had a lively Web 2.0 discussion last fall about 6 ways that travelers can use social media, and a few of you follow me on the microblogging and worldwide chat room called Twitter.

I’m even teaching an entry-level workshop here in Austin on June 20, Learn Five Web 2.0 Tools in One Day, so yeah, I guess you could say I’m really into this stuff.


A lot of travel bloggers are also on Twitter, including World Hum, Pam from Nerd’s Eye View, Glennia at The Silent I, Leif Pettersen from Killing Batteries/This is Why I Love Minneapolis & Sometimes St. Paul, Debbie from Delicious Baby, Darren from Travel Rants, Kevin from Travolution and the Happy Hotelier. What can I say; we’re a chatty bunch.

Yesterday, as I dipped my toes/browser into the Twitter stream, I saw that Elliot Ng from the excellent Uptake travel site was asking about good but inexpensive lodging in Hong Kong.

I know about the fabulously-located Hong Kong YMCA, but wondered what other sorts of suggestions he’d get….

Later, he sent out a “tweet” (Twitter message) thanking some folks for their inputs, so I thought I’d share them with you:

  • Sage Brennan said, “I have had ok stays at the Cosmo/Cosmopolitan and the Charterhouse of the HK ‘budget’ options.”
  • Bruce Wang said, “Try this [the Yes Inn,] my wife stayed there once.”
  • Thijs Jacobs said, “Try the Holiday Inn Express.” (Really? Yes, there is one, in Causeway Bay.)
  • Suave_su said, “Youth hotel πŸ˜‰ ” (I think he meant Youth Hostel.)

As far as I can tell, these are all people currently located in China (one of whom is Dutch, one is originally from North Carolina) who quickly sent a guy in northern California some advice about Hong Kong.

I looked at the Web sites for each lodging, and barring any really damning reports from elsewhere, they all looked just fine.

Ahh, the kindness of Web 2.0 strangers.

Update: we now have a Tourism Currents list of travel and tourism Twitter chats, which is another way to connect with fellow travel enthusiasts on Twitter.Β 

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