Latest Perceptive Travel Zine Offers Good Reading.

If you’ve got a bit of time on your hands,  grab a coffee and click on the latest Perceptive Travel zine.

This month’s lineup includes…


Laurie Gough puts on her hiking books while trying to separate the divine from the delusional in “Sedona: Is the Whole Town Built on a Hoax?”

Edward Readicker–Henderson, on a whirlwind journey through Africa, looks at “How the Last White Rhino in Zambia Wins at Strip Passport”

Amy Rosen takes a trip to Wales and forages for food in “Don’t Eat Low–lying Berries, and Other Lessons Learned in the Wales Countryside”

Rob Sangster recounts his experiences of traveling to the remote Indian town of Leh in “Members of the Tribe”

Michael Buckley addressed the current Olympic torch controversy in “Olympic Fire and Brimstone”

Music and Book Reviews:

Tim Leffel has put to together a great selection of music and book reviews for you listening and reading plesure.

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