Good eats in Alabama

Burris Farm Market, Loxley Alabama (courtesy Michael Stern at of you have probably driven some or all of US Interstate 10, which runs east-west across the southern states from Jacksonville, Florida to Santa Monica, California.

Right about when you hit Alabama heading west, you realize that the journey is not yet halfway done (and you haven’t even gotten to that mileage sign at the eastern Texas border that says, “El Paso — 878 miles.”)

Never fear, because sustenance is near at the Burris Farm Market on Highway 59 in Loxley, Alabama, a few minutes south off of Interstate 10 near Mobile (here’s the Google map, and their phone is 251-964-6464, open daily 8 am to 7 pm.)

There is fabulous local produce nicely presented and displayed (early summer brings their fresh Silver King corn) but the important news is that there is an on-site bakery making delish goodies out of their fresh fruit wares. The blackberry and peach cobblers are huge (get them warmed, with vanilla ice cream on top) and their chocolate cobbler gave the Chowhound forum foodies the drools.

It is well worth a stop to stretch legs and fill up on the offerings.

If all this gives you the hungries, browse through the Yum set on flickr by Deep Fried Kudzu; it features food shots of mostly Southern cuisine from all over the US, with good tags to tell you where to find each dish.

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