Millions of tulips: the Keukenhof Gardens

One of 100 varieties of tulips, Keukenhof Gardens, the Netherlands (courtesy Keukenhof Gardens) Swirls of color at Keukenhof Gardens, the Netherlands (courtesy Keukenhof Gardens)

The best place in the world to see masses of colorful springtime flowers is the Keukenhof Gardens.

Located between Amsterdam and The Hague in Lisse, it used to be a “kitchen garden” for the residents of the castle belonging to Dutch Countess Jacoba van Beiren. Today’s Keukenhof was originally arranged by the same people who designed Amsterdam’s Vondelpark, JD and LP Zocher.

Even if you aren’t big on botanical gardens in general, or much of a gardener yourself, the spectacular grounds and “inspiration gardens” will make you want to run home and grab a trowel to start digging.

It is open 8:00 am to 7:30 pm daily, from 20 March to 18 May 2008.

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