Introducing Perceptive Travel’s new blogger!

The Perceptive Travel blog is excited to introduce a new member. Liz Lewis, known to some as Kiwi Writer, is joining the team from her home in New Zealand and will be posting about twice a week.

Despite being originally an American, Liz says she’s practically a naturalized Kiwi (New Zealander). But that hasn’t prompted her to learn to surf, bungy jump, or turn into a hobbit. She also works as a registered nurse, and has earned my lifelong admiration by telling me she once spent a year working in a hospital in Saudi Arabia looking after the princes and princesses of Saudi royalty. “I was more a servant than a nurse,” she says. “Not something I plan on doing again.”

Travel writing, it seems, is more attractive than being a servant to royalty. Last year Liz decided she wanted to make a living as a travel writer, and started a blog called My Year of Getting Published, tracking her endeavors, successes, and thoughts about travel writing. The blog, now renamed Write to Travel, has become a go-to site for travelers and writers around the world. I particularly love her insightful interviews with travel writers and fresh ideas, like this week’s challenge to write a complete travel story in six words. Now Liz is bringing her innovation and energy — as well as some very cool worldwide travels — over to Perceptive Travel.

We’re very excited to have her, so welcome Liz!

Fellow blogger Steve Davey is in high demand for his writing and photos, and is swamped with a new book project. He will, however, continue to contribute guest blogs for Perceptive Travel. Good thing, too — I need someone in London to keep showing me where all the best hidden pubs are. Until then, we’ll keep up with Steve’s wanderings on his website.

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