Live travel tales with Jeff Greenwald

Now here’s a reason I wish I lived in San Francisco. Travel writer Jeff Greenwald is going to be spending his April Saturdays at The Marsh theater performing live storytelling of his world travels in a show called Strange Travel Suggestions.

Greenwald’s Shopping for Buddhas was one of the first and most easily engaging travel books I ever read, and as mentioned in a previous post I’m a big fan of live storytelling, so this sounds like a good combination. There’s no mention of whether he’ll be taking Strange Travel Suggestions on the road (here’s to hoping, although somehow I don’t think my town of 300 will be on the list), but the San Francisco Chronicle has a great article covering his cogent thoughts on travel storytelling.

If you’re looking for a short, great travel book, pick up Greenwald’s Shopping for Buddhas, a fantastic example of incorporating the best elements of travel writing in an unexpected and satisfying story arc. And if anyone’s in the San Fran area and gets to see the show, tell us how it was!

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