An Olympic sized gag!

Proving that my blog posts are like busses – you wait for ages and then three come along at once, it was reported in the UK’s Daily Mail over the weekend that British Olympic Athletes have had a clause added into their contracts forbidding any political dissent at the Beijing Olympics.

Mindful of not wanting to insult the Chinese government, athletes have been forced to sign an amended contract stating that they will not publicly comment on China’s Human Rights record, or their shameful invasion of Tibet. The Daily Mail has likened this instruction to the one given to the England football team to give the Nazi salute when playing at an international in Berlin in 1938, and used this picture, previously unpublished in the UK, as an illustration.

Bearing in mind that the Dalai Lama has called for peaceful protests at the Beijing Olympics, over the issue of Tibet, then it seems that the British Olympic Association is siding WITH the Chinese Authorities AGAINST the exiled spiritual leader of Tibet.

Interestingly the British Prince Charles has indicated that he will not attend or support the games, although his niece, Zara Phillips (Granddaughter to the Queen) will be forced to sign the contract if she does attend the Olympics. That could be an interesting debate over the family dinner table!

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