Carolina BBQ will fix what ails you

                   Pulled pork BBQ sandwich lunch at Mac’s Speed Shop, Charlotte NC (Scarborough photo)

This is not for the particularly health-conscious, but for those who are willing to turn a blind eye to cholesterol count, I recommend a stop at Mac’s Speed Shop (“Beer, Bikes and BBQ”) in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The crowd is a strange mix of buttoned-up business types from nearby downtown — Charlotte is the number two banking center in the US behind New York — bikers, college students and general BBQ enthusiasts.

The food is classic western North Carolina BBQ (with fresh coleslaw on top of the pulled pork sandwiches) plus the usual bar-type grub like quesadillas and wings.  The cup next to the sandwich above is full of collard greens, and they were pretty yummy, along with the deep-fried little round cornbread gut bombs called hushpuppies that you can see mounded in the basket.

The beer?  Local Carolina Blonde, brewed just down the road from Charlotte in Mooresville NC.  It was a most satisfying meal, suggested by Delilah at the Charlotte Regional Visitor’s Authority.  Thank you, Delilah!


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