Climbing Mt. Fuji

Traditional wooden climbing sticks from Mt. Fuji (Scarborough photo)While I was spending time navigating Tokyo with a ‘tween awhile back, my daughter and I attempted a half-day climb of Mt. Fuji.

Although it didn’t end the way we’d planned, we both still enjoyed the challenge, so I wrote a guest post about climbing Fuji-san for

They are part of a network that includes Outside magazine online and GORP, short for Great Outdoor Recreation Pages.

The climbing season for Fuji is July and August.

Taking a break above the clouds on Mt. Fuji (Scarborough photo)If you’re in Japan for any length of time during those months, and you are in decent physical condition, I recommend attempting to summit. 

If you just want a quick “touch and go” on the mountain, take a bus to the Fifth Station, walk around a little and skip the sore legs. 🙂

Mt. Fuji is a little over an hour southwest of Tokyo.

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