PT Travel Linkfest 01.28.2008

Update: many of the links are now broken – as of July 2015 – and we couldn’t find them again, so if something looks like it should be linked but isn’t, that is why.

Here’s the weekly roundup of useful and fun travel tips and info….

North and South America

**   Follow Gene Pembroke as he blogs for Conde Nast Traveler‘s Perrin Post about his now-in-progress trip to Antarctica.  Latest post:  The Southernmost Bar in the World.

**  Are you a nature lover and photographer?  Stay with my friend Mike Murphy at his Central Texas casita, Los Madrones.  Springtime is coming to Texas….eventually.

**  Gosh, can Thomas Swick write (he’s the South Florida Sun-Sentinel travel editor.) I recommend one of his latest:  Still waters run deep in the (Florida) Everglades.  There are all sorts of lovely places in Florida (like shell paradise Sanibel Island) that are less well known than the Disney properties.  It makes me crazy, though, to see articles about Orlando that mostly talk about places that are NOT in Orlando (like Wekiwa Springs State Park and Cocoa Beach.)  Grrr….

**  From the Frommer’s travel forums, readers describe a perfect day in San Francisco.

**  In Arizona, view the night sky at Kitt Peak Observatory.

**  Follow the trail: of B&Bs celebrating Black History Month, of culinary adventures (especially if you end up at Maryland’s venerable Inn at Little Washington,) of Mardi Gras in the U.S. (even in Missouri) and nine bookstores worth a tourist stop.


**  Ah, Paris.  Two good links – “stupid, ill-prepared English chicks” attack the city (from the UK’s Guardian) and sage advice about a Paris museum pass from the Fly Away Cafe. Want more?  Meet the Paris bloggers.

Near East

**  So, what are they wearing in Azerbaijan?  (Thanks to Global Voices Online’s Onnik Krikorian for pointing me to this blog.)


**  Most military people that I know took a tour of the DMZ (De-Militarized Zone) if they were stationed in South Korea.  Here’s a description of what to expect on a DMZ tour.

**  Very cool; the Boston Red Sox will open their season in Japan.  Dice-K!

**  Check out the top 10 hotels in Kuala Lumpur, or even more local scoop from CJCM at the Kuala Lumpur is Home blog.

**  It’s exhausting, but somebody had to do it: the blog-by-blog guide to Tokyo.


**  From the UK’s Times Online, the world’s best cycling holidays.  You can also travel the “ocean blue” by cargo vesselCargo cruising is certainly different than your average cruise ship.

**  Finally, yes, I’ve noticed that Valentine’s Day is approaching.  Here are links to gay romantic breaks, romantic hotels for 2 and cities for seduction.  Or you could just stay at the historic Hotel del Coronado in San Diego CA.

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