Dipnote from Lebanon

Dipnote logo (courtesy US State Dept)The U.S. State Department has just launched a blog called Dipnote, short for “diplomatic note.”

Gee, do you think a little genuine outreach from this organization might be a good idea for salvaging some of the US world reputation? 

Me, too, as long as it isn’t rah-rah pabulum.

Ergo, I wanted to give them credit for a recent post on Lebanon, written by Lebanon Desk Officer Ann Somerset (the Desk Officer is “responsible for a specific country or countries” according to the State Dept Web site.)  Ms. Somerset writes in a human voice about problems and issues that she sees in the country.

I’m happy to see this sort of initiative and hope its voice remains fresh and straightforward. 

Can we hear from the Myanmar/Burma Desk Officer next?

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