Hawaii calls in the fall

Outrigger canoe (courtesy ART at flickr’s Creative Commons)We’re only six days away from a big event in Hawaii.

The Moloka’i Hoe 41-mile outrigger canoe race on October 7, 2007 brings plenty of local color to Honolulu.  It starts at Hale O Lono Harbor on Molokai and ends on Duke Kahanamoku Beach in Waikiki, Oahu.

This cultural tradition is supported by the Oahu Hawaii Canoe Racing Association and others who want to continue and enrich Polynesian customs.

Hawaii is one of Smarter Travel’s top five off-peak destinations for fall 2007 (hat tip to Money magazine for the link.)

Think you might go?  Check out a newbie’s guide to surfing to find endless summer near Diamond Head (or up on the windward side or north shore of Oahu with the really hard-core.)

Yes, Hawaii calls us still….


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