A treasure trove opens

Amid much hoopla and “it’s about time,” the venerable US newspaper The New York Times has stopped charging for most of its content and has opened up its online archives for anyone to peruse.

The entire NYT travel section is now your playground, including the very useful series “36 Hours” that gets you through a varied weekend in towns and cities mostly around North America, from Boone, North Carolina to Astoria, Oregon.  Some parts of the Times have always been available at no cost, but I always seemed to run up against the “paid-only” content pretty quickly. 

No more.

Jason Kottke has an engaging post with other gems from the Times archive, including,

” – On The Table, Michael Pollan’s blog from last summer about food soon after the publication of The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

Urban Planet, a [now-discontinued] blog about cities from Steven Johnson, author of The Ghost Map.

And one more: a report on the sinking of the TitanicA small mention of the sinking was published in the paper the previous day.”

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