Sink your teeth into the real Romania

There’s a series going on right now over on the fun Gadling travel blog; the irrepressible Leif Pettersen is traveling through Romania, spouting off and doing his usual hilarious shtick.

The series is called My Bloody Romania, and Leif’s writing it because A) he’s a fabulous wordsmith, and B) he’s the co-author of Lonely Planet’s guide to Romania and Moldova. Hey, somebody had to write it.

Today’s Gadling entry is a tell-all about the real Dracula’s castle.

Want more?  Leif’s personal travel blog is Killing Batteries, and while most of his posting is currently going up on Gadling, you can poke around KB and find his peculiar take on things like Malta and the definitive guide to hostel etiquette.

I’m working hard to hog-tie Leif into joining me on a travel blogging panel during Austin’s SXSW Interactive tech conference in March 2008, but if he talks as well as he writes, I’ll never get a word in edgewise.

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