Finding hidden landmarks

I thoroughly enjoyed this month’s issue of Perceptive Travel (the online travel magazine host for this blog) particularly Chris Epting’s article “Let’s Spend the Night Together.”

What’s not to like about spending the night in the same hotel room where famous rock stars breathed their drug-addled last?  I even turned it into a family travel post, “D.A.R.E. to stay at these hotels.”

Never let it be said that I waste a travel or learning opportunity for my kids, no matter how I have to pretzel around to get there.

Epting’s Web site also has a link to a searchable database called Find a Landmark, sponsored by Hampton Inn (my favorite hotel chain, where the breakfast doesn’t suck and doesn’t run out 10 minutes before closing, and the staff is unfailingly friendly.)

You plug in your country (US, Canada, Mexico) state, city or ZIP code and find those hidden landmarks that may be right under your nose. 

As a big advocate of getting to know your own backyard, I played around with it for my ZIP code and discovered that I need to check out LBJ’s Presidential limousine, the Dr Pepper museum in Waco, Judge Roy Bean’s (“Law West of the Pecos”) saloon bottles at a frontier relics museum, and that blues legend Robert Johnson recorded some of his 1930s songs in the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio.

I’ve been to the crossroads in Mississippi, but had no idea that Johnson spent any time in San Antonio. 

Chris Epting also works on the site’s DriveAbouts feature, with US itineraries that take you from one landmark to another along a theme.  How about music in the Northeast or baseball in the Midwest?  Yes, they tie into going from one Hampton Inn to another, but since I like the chain, I don’t mind.

You never know what you’ll find in Perceptive Travel.

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