Run Away and Join a (Blog) Carnival

I’m always finding new and interesting travel ideas online, but one way to discover active blogs on every subject imaginable is to visit a blog carnival.

A “blog carnival” is a gathering of selected individual posts from lots of different blogs, all on one topic, with all of the post links on a single “hosting” blog.  On active carnivals, new editions are usually published once a week or every other week. Some are monthly.

Sometimes the host blog duties rotate around the blogosphere, and sometimes the host blog never changes.

The published links are great for finding real gems among the thousands of bloggers, increasing their visitors and exposure as readers pass the links on and link to their discoveries on their own blogs.

There is sort of a central coordinating site, Blog Carnival, and you can search over one thousand carnivals by topic….organizing your life,  the law,  children’s literature,  working from your home,  TV and entertainment,  debt reduction, education; you name it.

Look out — they’re addictive!

The Perceptive Travel blog has had a few posts featured in carnivals recently:  Japanese vending machines in the Carnival of Travel Articles, the Austin City Limits Music Festival in both the Carnival of Rock n’ Roll and the Carnival of Cities when it was hosted by the New Zealand blog Christchurch: The Eye of a Tourist, the Knowledge of a Local , the sights in North Carolina on Chattanooga is Home, and driving on the “wrong” side of the road was included in GarageBlog’s Carnival of Wheels.

So grab some funnel cake and run away to the carnival for awhile.  You can come back home whenever you want — I promise.

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