Too old to party?

This weekend is Glastonbury weekend, and I must confess that it has left me feeling somewhat depressed. Not that I actually wish that I was at the annual mudfest, spending five days in a waterlogged tent, queuing for toilets that would even be boycotted in a refugee camp. It’s just that out of my wide selection of ne’er do well friends and miscellaneous hedonists, the only person whom I know is there is our nanny. You know that you are getting old when the only person you know who is going to Glastonbury is your nanny.

Things were so different a couple of years ago when about eighty of us in two groups headed to the Big Chill festival at Eastnor in Herefordshire. Three days of solid partying without sleep and two large encampments to retreat to when it all got too much. In truth, the Big Chill is more of a festival for those who are over the Glasto vibe – they even have hot showers for God’s sake!

The United Kingdom punches well above it’s weight for summer music festivals – especially in a country that is, as the CIA World Factbook helpfully points out, slightly smaller than Oregon! Apart from Glastonbury and the Big Chill, there are a host of others – some in the country and some in London’s Hyde Park. The website of the NME has a pretty good listing for those in the UK, or who are thinking of visiting this rainy season – sorry, Summer!

This year we have our eye on the WOMAD Festival, an eclectic festival of World Music, but with a six month old baby and a loft conversion scheduled for the end of the Summer this may well not happen – now maybe we could send the nanny on our behalf…

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