Writing Project Wrap-up

Finding the good ones (courtesy Sarah Cool at Flickr’s Creative Commons)I tried to keep up, but between flying to Chicago for a blogging conference and the reality of 893 submissions for the latest ProBlogger Group Writing Project, I am a somewhat abject failure at keeping track of noteworthy worldwide blog posts on the Top 5 topic.  

Still, I slog onward. 

After some other favorite selections (mostly travel-related) from Day One and Day Two, here is the last group of posts that I particularly liked (the full list is here.)  Thanks to all of the Project participants who linked back and/or pinged back to the Perceptive Travel Blog — new friends are always good.

Top 5 Italian Words You Really Don’t Want to Mispronounce by Sognatrice

Top 5 festivals in Seoul, South Korea by Jon Allen

Five Hotels in Buenos Aires I wish I could afford to stay in… by Alan Patrick

Top 5 Favorite Disc Golf Courses by Jeff Sill  (in Canada)

What’s your vacation plan this summer? by Siva Rajendran  (great options in India)

Top 5 Reasons Hawaii is the Best Vacation Spot in the World by Sheila Beal  (My first Navy ship was homeported in Pearl Harbor.  Not too shabby to drive around Oahu in my 1973 Ford Gran Torino with sandy flip-flops and a swimsuit tossed into the trunk….just in case.)

Top 5 Signs That You’re in Rome by Shelley

Avoiding the Chemical Sandwich of Doom…Plus 4 More Tips from The Practical Archivist by Sally Jacobs  (great tips for taking care of your precious travel photos and memorabilia)

Favourite Village Views by Mary  (from a pretty village in the UK)

Top 5 Reasons the Bay Area Rocks the Wine World by Farley Walker

The five best movie car chases of all time by Will Thompson  (hey, movies are “cultural,” plus I’m seeing if you’re still reading. And the guy has great video of all the chases.)

Saskatchewan that is [sa-skach-uh-won, -wuhn], Canada’s Best Kept Secret by Melissa

We will now return to regularly scheduled programming….

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