Day Two, Whereupon My Head Blows Off

Look, this Problogger Group Writing Project has decapitated me, and it’s only the second day. 

Darren says that he received 242 submissions on top of the 132 that already came in, so he’s already surpassed previous totals for a Project.  Yes, OK, some of them are not so great, just people totally looking for link love.  On the other hand, some are a fun read, and thanks to linking, the halls of Perceptive Travel Blog have been positively tramping with the feet of new readers.

I gave you a few highlights yesterday, from across the topic spectrum (I tried to look for just travel-related blogs but kept coming back to look at Joe Satriani’s guitar from this post, which led me to Van Halen videos on YouTube….well, it just gets embarrassing from there….)

It took two cups of coffee, and I tried to keep mostly to travel themes, but here’s Day Two:

Jackie Chan’s Greatest Fight Scenes by Chris  (reminded me of Hong Kong.)

Top 5 Great Birding Moments by Trevor Hampel  (all over Australia)

5 Top Myths Foreigners Have About Ukraine by Alexander Radich

5 Top Things I Miss About Harare, Zimbabwe by Sharon

What Are Your Top 5 Travel Dreams? by Stacy

5 Reasons Queen’s Market Must Be Saved by Jon Tillman (an East Londoner’s point of view)

Top 5 DC Things To Do This Summer by Francoise Galleto  (Washington, DC) 

I’m a stranger here myself by Jul  (an expat sees her home with new eyes)

5 best places to go while visiting Acadia National Park by Norman Sargent  (a popular US park in Maine)

Top 5 Australian beach locations for the IT commuter by Vincent McBurney  (finding that life balance)

My Five Most Awestruck Travel Experiences by Steve Madsen 

Top 5 most entertaining foreign films of the last decade by Jithin Jerald

Top Five Strategies For Travelling Light by Graham Barker

and finally, Top 5 Monkey Songs by Martin Breton  (Obvious travel tie-in, right?)

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