Highlights of Day One, Blogging Down Under

My previous post, Five Travel Blogs You Gotta Read, is a part of Aussie Darren Rowse’s latest “Top 5” Group Writing Project on his popular ProBlogger site.  The first day’s worth of submissions are up, and while no sentient human being could plow through over 130 posts and do them justice, I’ve plucked out some links that I think PT blog readers might enjoy, if only to marvel at the variety:

Five gems: what makes a good pub?  by Michael Scott (well, of course I picked this one.)

Top 5 Steps to Securing your Data  by Geoff R (“got backup?”)

The Top Five Firsts of the First Two Years of the American Civil War by Mike Goad (this guy is seriously into the Civil War.)

Top 5 Techniques for Sermon Idea Generation by Sherman Haywood Cox II (a whole blog on being a preacher.)

Top 5 Reasons Why We Travel by Timen

Top 5 Spanish Tapas by Matthew Bennett

The Top 5 Reasons to Start Your Weight Loss Plan Today by JoLynn Braley

Top 5 Reasons Freelancing is a Bad Idea by Mike Sieber

Top 5, mojich päť najlepších učiteľov by Peter Druska (’cause I have to give props to bloggers in Slovakia)

The Top 5 Reasons To Make Nova Scotia Your Next Vacation Destination by Bryan Henry

Top 5 Unusual Guitars Owned by Popular Musicians by Adam Ferguson

Top Five Languages I Would Like to Learn by Darrell Pursiful

The Top 5 Time Savers in My Kitchen by Maricar

Top 5 Gardening Tips by Kenny Point

And finally, because Sunday, 13 May is Mother’s Day in the U.S.:  5 Gifts for Mom That Won’t Ever Go Out of Fashion by ispf

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